Writing tagged habits

  • On burnout (and bouncing back)

    What do we owe to ourselves?

    Monday May 20 2019
    An drawing of an ethereal-looking hand, with various objects floating around it.
  • Moving my flesh prison

    Exercise. Dreaded, dreaded exercise. As a Standard Nerd, it won’t come as a surprise that I have never been, how you say, mobile, much in life.

    Monday September 10 2018
  • Taking back control of my attention

    We’ve all heard about this, right? Devices are designed to keep us addicted. Websites are designed to hijack the pleasure centres of our brain. They’ve trained us to expect novelty all the time.

    Sunday September 2 2018
  • Fixing my sleep

    I have never slept well. I’ve tried pretty much everything there is to try to have something that even mildly resembles a consistent sleep schedule.

    Sunday August 26 2018
  • Reprogramming my brain, body and life

    Over the past few years I’ve noticed that my life is full of bad habits. Habits that were destroying my health, stifling my creativity, and hijacking my brain onto constant cycles of anxiety and mania.

    Saturday August 25 2018