is a digital product designer

A photograph of me taken by my sister, Aileen.

Hi! I’m Serena. I care about thoughtfully creating technology for a kinder, fairer, better world. I’ve been making and breaking the web since 1999, and have been plugged into the tech Matrix ever since.

While my formal training is in physics and mathematics, I love working in the intersections between fields. I believe cross-pollination makes me a better problem solver (and life more interesting!). I’m interested in behavioural design and how it affects the way we make and consume our technology.

I think problems are best solved with empathy, an openness to learn, and scientific rigor.

I like to think deeply about the world around me. You can check out some of my talks and writing, or, for less polished thoughts, tune into my podcast, or receive a brief letter every now and then.