Hi! I’m Serena. I care about thoughtfully creating technology for a more kind and just world. I’ve been making and breaking the web since 1999, and have been plugged into the Matrix ever since.

While my formal training is in physics and mathematics, I love working in the intersections between fields. I’m interested in how the design of ecosystems affect the way we make and consume our technology.

For my day job I work as an interaction designer on the security teams at Google Chrome and Chromium.

A photograph of me sitting at a reading chair.

Every abyss is navigable by little paper boats. João Guimarães Rosa

On my nightstand

Book cover for Neuromancer, showing a top-down view of a city.
William Gibson
A photo of farm plains in rural China
Blockchain Chicken Farm
Xiaowei Wang
A photograph of a young woman squatting on grass
Hera Lindsay Bird
Hera Lindsay Bird

If we’re not supposed to dance,
Why all this music? Gregory Orr

In my ears

Album art depicting flowing curtains at sunset, with the ocean outside.
they say cyberpunk is a warning not a goal but we love to flirt with doom
a cyberpunk playlist
Album art: a shitty painting of a little frog riding a snail like a horse
on your feet
shuffle: on; volume: up
A photograph of two children playing outside, silhouetted against the setting sun.
summer again
a playlist for thinking about summer

Everything you eat is sunlight made physical.
You are radiant and forever. Welcome to Night Vale