Hi! I’m Serena. I care about thoughtfully creating technology for a more inclusive, kind and just world. I’ve been making and breaking the web since 1999, and have been plugged into the Matrix ever since.

While my formal training is in physics and mathematics, I love working in the intersections between fields. I’m interested in behavioural design and how it affects the way we make and consume our technology.

In the daytime I work as a designer with the security and privacy teams at Chrome.

A photograph of me.

Every abyss is navigable by little paper boats. João Guimarães Rosa

On my nightstand

An abstract illustration of an organic material growing from a solid line.
Jeff VanderMeer
Abstract book cover
The Dark Forest Theory of the Internet
Bogna Konior
A dark cover with hair across the background.
Gone Girl
Gillian Flynn

If we’re not supposed to dance,
Why all this music? Gregory Orr

In my ears

Album art: photograph of two women who comprise the band IDER
Emotional Education
Graphic screenprint of a mountain cartoonishly falling onto a human figure
DJ Shadow
The Mountain Will Fall
A photograph at nighttime in a desert with a mountain in the background
What Could Possibly Go Wrong
Dominic Fike

My playlists

Album art depicting flowing curtains at sunset, with the ocean outside.
that place between dusk and night
A playlist for a sun that never sets
Album art depicting a soft bralette in the afternoon sun
something dark this way comes
A playlist for the witching hour
Photo of the Half Dome rock formation in Yosemite Valley at sunset
when the world ends, you're coming with me
A playlist for the end of the world

Everything you eat is sunlight made physical.
You are radiant and forever. Welcome to Night Vale