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Selected publications

Words for Increment Magazine

Design for Security

Applying design thinking to security practices can create a better, more secure experience.

There exists a pervasive myth in the tech industry: that usability and security are mutually exclusive. A widespread notion that making something secure inherently makes it hard to use, and making something easy to use inherently makes it less secure. In fact, the opposite is true. Good user experience design and good security cannot exist without each other. A secure system must be controllable, reliable, and hence usable. A usable system reduces… External link

Words for UX Collective

Visual Design is the Last Part

There is a common misconception about digital designers. It’s that our job is to make something look good.

Now don’t get me wrong—making something look good is very much a part of what we do. And in our age of technology, there’s little limit and much opportunity to what we can do. But visual design is the last, and often most straightforward, part. It’s something I’ve begun to realise the longer I work as a designer: the variety and importance of all the other design tasks that come before I’ve even given a fleeting thought to how it looks… External link

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