What I'm up to right now.

Here is what I'm currently focused on, in no particular order:

Slowing down my brain

Over the past few years, I've noticed that my brain has been completely ruined by the quick, never-ending distractions of the socially connected internet. I would feel anxious and jittery, find it hard to focus on any one thing, self-distract all the time, and generally be a mess.

Lately, I've been focusing on moving almost all of my reading time from short-form social media posts and clickbaity, 500-word articles to longform reading. For me, that's anything above 2000 words. Books, investigative essays — heck, even fanfiction counts.

The main point is to re-train my brain back into a place where it can focus on large, complex ideas and thoughts again. It's going pretty well so far! The only bite-sized thing I check anymore is Twitter, and I mostly go on to post something, rather than to tread the ocean of shallow takes.


After starting my newsletter, I realised that I actually really enjoy writing, and want to do more of it. I might even go out on a limb and submit something to some local literary journals! Eek! Scary.


I have a bad habit of taking on too many projects, and I need to learn the art of rest and recouperation. I've got some no-internet days planned, I'm looking forward to it!

Physical health

After being sick for two weeks, I need to get back into exercise, judo, and consistent sleep patterns. I know, I know, boring, but so important.