Trailblazer browser

Thinking is nonlinear

Interaction design, visual design

January 2018

In 2014, some friends built an incredible tool for research: a browser extension that could take your browsing history and resurface it in tree-form. At the time we toyed with the idea of making our own browser, and I did some exploratory concepts for it.

The idea was that links opened from a certain page would branch off that page, visually showing you how you got to where you are.

Tabs would be replaced completely with the "trail view". No more tabs means you can focus on the page you're on, without distraction. Only one page is active at a time, with exception to pages that play music.

"Focus mode" becomes the default.

The "open in new tab" functionality will be replaced with "add to queue".

Pages with active service workers in the background would be explicitly shown, maintaining transparency and trust with the user.

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