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Visual design, interaction design, front-end development

May 2019

Kiwicon is New Zealand's Hacker Con. In 2019, the Crüe embarked on a lighter version of the con: Kawaiicon.

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A fine line

For Kawaiicon, the Crüe were looking for a fine balance between cute and serious. They wanted a look that would elicit both "aww"s and respect from the hacker community. A style that was unabashedly cute, while unquestionably hackeresque. Colours that were soft, but not pastel.

To achieve this, I suggested going with a hypercard/manga aesthetic — a high-contrast, mostly black-and-white colour palette with pops of colour here and there. White boxes with black borders were reminiscint of both manga panels, and hypercard windows.

This would balance the cute/but-still-formidable vibe nicely combining visual nods to the carefree expressiveness of manga, and the old-school computer nerdiness of hypercard.

Some inital sketches:

The coloured boxes are to indicate where artwork will go.


In my opinion, most websites on the internet don't need to be fully-fledged web applications, and conference sits are no exception. I therefore made Kawaiicon's website as a static Jekyll site.

Some things that I really enjoyed working on with this website were:

The final product:

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